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"A straight-talk book that tells it like it is - how guys can go from clueless to informed, perceptive and confident"

(according to "Dave")
••• F I N A L L Y •••
The Official
(and hilarious)
"How To" Manual
for Clueless Guys
(that's 99% of 'em out there)

Other erotic-instructional
books have taught us that
women are in control, and
men don't have a chance...

Now you can understand
"why" and change that!
Get it Now...  Get a Clue!

"69" Pages of Genuine,
Down-to-Earth, Honest,
Country/Western Wisdom!

"Dave" "I got this book for my man, but after peeking inside, I found itīs really for both of us!" “Yep – I just can't believe how much most dudes don't know about women, love and sex, so I just decided one day to sit down and set to paper some of what I know & feel – and it's written in my good ol' boy cowpoke style – as if we were just jawin' over a few beers.  It may not be pretty, proper, or heavy on fancy words, but it's real and offered with the best of intentions, and while I hope it helps at least one clueless dude out there, it's mainly intended for the ladies, as a tool to help them get their guys "clued up."  With just "69" pages, in large easy-read print, you can gather all the priceless clues I offer in just a couple of hours.  Oh, and you're sure to find some chuckles, snorts & belly laughs in here as well... enjoy!”  ~ Dave

••• And Best of All •••
All profits from sales of this book go toward feeding hungry children!
So, what's inside?  Here's a "sneak peek"...
“Don't judge this book by anything other than what it can do for your love life!”
“Life is too short for all the drama in relationships, try to keep it simple!”
First Impressions:
“Women look at your face and overall appearance first ... of course they are interested in your 'bulge' or lack thereof...”
“Most women will exhibit signs if they are thinking of romance or intimacy...”
“...a vagina is capable of delivering at least 10X the pleasure to it's owner than a penis!”
“There is a direct link between breasts and everything below them.”
Teasing Time Techniques:
“... few men understand the workings of the female body ... few women will show or tell their lover what they want or need.”
During Play:
“Women do not necessarily go from penetration to climax in one fell swoop!”
After Play:
“Let them know verbally how much you appreciate them sharing their love and their body with you!”
Blow Jobs:
“The women who like to perform this act love the power it gives them over your emotions...”
“Nobody wants to admit to not being 'lucky' as often as they perceive their peers to be.”
“Most of the products out there are flavored ... who wants THAT to taste like a raspberry?”
“The majority of women crave and NEED a proper teasing!”
Satisfaction Guaranteed:
“If you don't satisfy them at least 80 percent, someone or something else will!”
Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.):
“There are many alternate ways to please your partner and yourself as well!”
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About me
I am a semi-retired rancher out of Wyoming, now selling real estate in the Sedona, Arizona area.  A dear friend of mine described me as a true renaissance man; thank you, Corita (yeah, I looked it up too)!  I have been around the block more than once, with quite a variety of experiences in many areas, from carpentry to restaurateur, and really loved the ranching way of life.  I find it truly sad that anyone would go to bed hungry, especially the children!  A young brain that is poorly nourished will not develop properly, and the long-term effects on our society/world can/will be devastating!
Therefore, I have decided to use ALL the profits from this book, and from all the products on the website at www.MenAreClueless.org to make bulk food deliveries to food banks; you can help by visiting and buying something there!
You can book a day with me to tour the Sedona, Arizona area in a limo...  ALL the profits from that will also go to the cause of feeding the hungry!  To book a day, send an email to RatesAndDates@MenAreClueless.org.
Visit the website www.MenAreClueless.org, and enjoy the products, knowing you are helping a great cause!

Thank You!
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Happy Learning!
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go to food banks & toward feeding hungry children!
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